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PotC Fest

Prompt submission for Round 2 now open!

Pirates of the Caribbean Fest

Prompt submission for Round 2 now open!

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pirate ot3!, elizabeth, pirates, norrington
It's time for round 2 of potcfest!

You can now submit prompts in comments here. Prompts should include a pairing or character and a scenario or specific request of some kind: "Will/Elizabeth, after the AWE epilogue" or "Weatherby Swann in his youth" or "James/Jack/Elizabeth, AU in which Elizabeth is married to James" or "Ragetti/Pintel, cross-dressing."

You don't have to be planning to write for the fest in order to submit a prompt. All genres, pairings, and characters are welcome. Since no one will be assigned to your request, feel free to toss your ideas out there even if you're not sure who could possibly write that -- maybe someone will surprise you! Unclaimed prompts from the last round will also be available for claiming, but we'd like to see a variety of new prompts as well.

The schedule for this round:

Submit prompts: January 8 through January 12
Prompts available for claiming: January 13
Stories can be posted: January 13 through February 13
Master list posted: February 14

There's no minimum (or maximum) word limit, and short pieces are fine. At the end of the fest, we'll make a master list of all the stories written. Detailed instructions for posting your story will be in the prompt claiming post.

Any questions? Ask in comments here or email penknife at penknife[at]gmail.com or artaxastra at artaxastra[at]aol.com. Otherwise, let the prompting begin!

ETA: I'll be sorting the prompt list by pairing/character, so please add any requests that apply to all of your prompts to each individual prompt you're leaving.

ETA2: Prompt submission is now closed.
  • How about:

    Jack's new fascination
    Will learns a new trick
    The dead shall rise again

  • Will Turner/James Norrington, in the afterlife.
  • Jack/Will - The captain of the Flying Dutchman has something that Jack wants, so Jack sets out to obtain it by ... persuasion.

    Will/Elizabeth or Jack/Will/Elizabeth - Will is released from the Dutchman after ten years, and tries to adjust to a new life with Elizabeth (or Elizabeth and Jack).

    Jack and Teague - any backstory on their relationship

    Jack/the Brethren Court (individually, not simultaneously) - Jack's collecting Pirate Lords.

    Elizabeth/Teague - Flirtation (or more) between the Pirate King and the Keeper of the Code.

    Elizabeth and Barbossa, post-AWE.

    Jack acquires a pet. Hijinks ensue.
  • Elizabeth visits Charles Town, South Carolina, and meets an older Anne Burleigh (nee Cormac, aka Anne Bonny). We might also see her fully-grown child John, named for his calico-coated pirate father.*

    *(More fuel for fic writers: This prompt was inspired by a short passage in the book Seafaring Women, aka Women Sailors and Sailors' Women, aka Heroines and Harlots by eminent naval historian David Cordingly, who suggests that after Jack Rackham's trial and hanging Anne was sprung from prison by her wealthy father, returned to Charleston, and married a decent fellow named Joshua Burleigh. Cordingly further states that Anne gave birth to eight children by Burleigh, five of whom lived to adulthood. Anne also adopted a child named John, whom Calico Jack had got on her, and whom she left on Cuba after the birth; her father retrieved the boy and brought him back to Charleston. Anne died a respectable woman in 1782, aged around 84, just as the American Revolution was winding down.

    Maddeningly, Cordingly's sole source for this fascinating postscript is the private papers of family descendants, so other historians have to take him on faith or not at all.)

    Back to other prompts...

    En route to the Fountain of Youth, Jack gets into trouble with the Spanish colonial government.

    Jack, Liz, and Barbossa find the Fountain of Youth, but it's in the middle of a strange unearthly landscape full of danger.

    The new governor of Port Royal, an acquaintance of Weatherby's, arrives, eventually meets Elizabeth, and is rather surprised at her transformation.

    A Spanish treasure fleet goes down in a hurricane near Shipwreck Cove, and there's a mad scramble among all the pirates to salvage the cargo.

    Will is given a vision of what his life (and Jack's and Elizabeth's) would have been like, had he thought twice about helping Jack escape from his cell in Port Royal.
  • Gap-Fillers, or Deleted Scenes!!

    Applicable to all following prompts: PG-13 or under, please. Sorry if that cramps your style, but the movie managed okay. :)
    (Mods -- is that okay?)

    --Jack's trip to the Turkish prison.

    --A non-slash backstory for Jack and Beckett.

    --Elizabeth's time in Tortuga before she found Jack.

    --The journey to Singapore. Explore Will and Elizabeth's relationship. Can be W/E or J/E but not J/W/E.

    --Jack's reaction to seeing Barbossa ALIVE! using the line "You're supposed to be dead."

    --Elizabeth's time aboard Sao Feng's ship. From the time she went aboard to her arrival at Shipwreck Cove.

    --Conversation between Will and Jack about letting Elizabeth go to Sao Feng's ship. Can be W/E or J/E, but not J/W.

    --Journey to tehe Arctic or wherever the "Farthest Gate" was supposed to be. W/E.

    Can I add more if I think of them?
    • Yes, feel free to add more! If you're adding more prompts, please include any general requests like "PG-13 or under" as part of each individual prompt -- it makes it easier for me when I'm sorting the prompts by pairing and character.
  • Norrington - Norrington survives on the Dutchman due to (insert plot device) and ends up meeting with Jack Aubrey (crossover with Master and Commander/the Aubrey/Maturin books)

    Jack Sparrow - Jack (perhaps with the help of the Fountain of Youth) survives to meet Stephen Maturin (crossover with Master and Commander/the Aubrey/Maturin books)

    Anamaria - Anamaria's adventures after she gets her ship

    Anamaria/Calypso - Anamaria's only love is the sea

    Jack Sparrow/Tia Dalma - what was it that she did that she said he liked at the time?

    Norrington - an unpacking of the character, from childhood up to his death

    Elizabeth - I'd like to see her actually be a pirate king after AWE, instead of just settling down quietly

  • Gibbs/Jack - slashy or innocent, but I want something that sheds light on that relationship, what they really know or think about each other, something to fill out the movie scenes.

    Jack impersonating a cleric of the Church of England

    How Jack picked up all that Latin (Could be combined with Cleric Impersonation prompt, or separate - I'm not fussy.)

    Maps, charts, compasses, navigation. Any characters as long as there's lots of nauticalness.

    • And one more...

      I know this is a tall order, but I'd really, really like a 'fix-it' fic to reconcile me to the whole singing'n'hanging sequence in AWE. Anything that explains how the little boy with the coin and the ringing coin Barbossa throws to Sao Feng fit in with the '9 pieces of junk' and the binding of Calypso. If possible, it would also explain who teaches all the marginals and outcasts to sing the same song in harmony.

      Can be angst, crack, smut, gen, anything. Heck, why not a musical?
  • - Tia Dalma/Anamaria, 'lessons'

    - Some backstory for Lian and Park. Anything at all.

    - Anamaria/Norrington, love and loss
  • - Norrington/Elizabeth/Calypso (or any permutations thereof), PostAWE, what the tides washed in.

    - Blockade-running, US Civil War, with a crafty Jack and anyone else you want.

    - tiny!Elizabeth and the mysterious Mrs. Swann, a fairy tale

  • Teague + Pelegostos, picking up the dog w/ the keys and his wife's shrunken head. Teague/His wife.

    Bootstrap + James, making amends after AWE.

    Calypso, choosing a new captain for the Dutchman after Will's ten years are up. Could be Calypso/OC.

    Calypso, responding to the heathen gods who helped the Aztecs put a curse of the gold for Cortez.

    The Kraken origin story, and how it came to be under Davy's command.

    AWE AU, what if someone else became Captain of the Dutchman and Will survived the final battle? W/E
  • Quite frankly, I have a few I'd like to see:

    What if Will lost the dice game in DMC?

    How did the Isla Del Muerta go "pearshaped" as Gibbs put it?

    Did Jack ever contact Will and/or Elizabeth between CotBP and DMC?

    How did Davy Jones cut out his own heart? Did he have help? Or did he do it all himself? (Shudder)

    Did Calypos bother Will after he was Captain?

    Bootstrap talks to child!Will just before he leaves for the last time.

    If at all possible, I'd like these to be PG-13 and under.
  • > Tia Delama, Jack, Elizabeth (& the baby). "Da dead an' 'alf dead were ne'er meant to get life on da livin'. So da sea, it come to claim it own, before it own can claim more dan da sea can 'old."

    > Gibbs reflecting on Jack's reaction to discovering Elizabeth's preganacy and her desire to remain in Shipwreck Cove (can be gen, het, slash, bitext)

    > What happened to all the non-Aztec treasure stored on Isla Del Muerta? Did it disappear into the depths when the island went "pearshaped"? Had to been saved and taken to a new hiding place to be spent later?

    > The first breathern court... how exactly did Davy Jones manage to talk them into binding Calypso into a human body? Was it ever recorded aside from the song?

    > Teague tells a story to Elizabeth... (writers choice for which story he tells)
  • Someone witnesses Jack talking to himself (post-Locker) and is worried about him.

    Jack/Scarlett or Giselle, unromantic

    Newly-undead!Barbossa has a moment of panic during which his conscience emerges and they return to the isle to find Gov. Jack.

    EITC!Jack is overseeing shipments of opium from Bengal to Calcutta and samples his wares.
  • Whole buncha Norrington ones:

    AU. Norrington goes with Elizabeth to Shipwreck, where he's on the outside looking in at the complicated network of affections between Elizabeth, Jack and Will. Elizabeth/Will/Jack and one-sided Elizabeth/Norrington, or Elizabeth/Will/Jack/Norrington.

    Norrington takes Will's place as captain of the Flying Dutchman so Elizabeth can have her husband back, but what happens if the captain of the Dutchman has no lover to wait for him on shore?

    A pure Navy story. Three-deckers, fire-ships, signal flags, splinter netting, boarding cutlasses, cranky admirals, every man doing his utmost. Add Norrington to the long list of fictional Navy captains based on Lord Cochrane.

    Bring Norrington back to life in a way that does not involve the Dutchman or Will Turner.

    Jack/Norrington. Norrington runs afoul of the Spanish guarda costa and Jack intervenes. (Why? You tell me.)
  • Jack Sparrow, Will Turner (slash or gen is fine) finding a grimoire, immortality

    Will, Elizabeth, Barbossa, before AWE, their conversation to steal the map from Sao Feng

    Jack in Davy Jones' Locker, talking to versions of himself

    Tia Dalma / Davy Jones, meeting after the events of AWE

    Davy Jones raising the Pearl for Jack (the first time)

    Elizabeth's first battle post AWE with any pirate.

    Will Turner, assuming he has to stay on the Dutch forever, ten years and one day later (yes, after he's seen Liz and their son).

    Jack/Elizabeth/Will, forgiveness (during or post AWE would be nice)
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