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PotC Fest

Prompt submission for Round 2 now open!

Pirates of the Caribbean Fest

Prompt submission for Round 2 now open!

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pirate ot3!, elizabeth, pirates, norrington
It's time for round 2 of potcfest!

You can now submit prompts in comments here. Prompts should include a pairing or character and a scenario or specific request of some kind: "Will/Elizabeth, after the AWE epilogue" or "Weatherby Swann in his youth" or "James/Jack/Elizabeth, AU in which Elizabeth is married to James" or "Ragetti/Pintel, cross-dressing."

You don't have to be planning to write for the fest in order to submit a prompt. All genres, pairings, and characters are welcome. Since no one will be assigned to your request, feel free to toss your ideas out there even if you're not sure who could possibly write that -- maybe someone will surprise you! Unclaimed prompts from the last round will also be available for claiming, but we'd like to see a variety of new prompts as well.

The schedule for this round:

Submit prompts: January 8 through January 12
Prompts available for claiming: January 13
Stories can be posted: January 13 through February 13
Master list posted: February 14

There's no minimum (or maximum) word limit, and short pieces are fine. At the end of the fest, we'll make a master list of all the stories written. Detailed instructions for posting your story will be in the prompt claiming post.

Any questions? Ask in comments here or email penknife at penknife[at]gmail.com or artaxastra at artaxastra[at]aol.com. Otherwise, let the prompting begin!

ETA: I'll be sorting the prompt list by pairing/character, so please add any requests that apply to all of your prompts to each individual prompt you're leaving.

ETA2: Prompt submission is now closed.
  • Elizabeth visits Charles Town, South Carolina, and meets an older Anne Burleigh (nee Cormac, aka Anne Bonny). We might also see her fully-grown child John, named for his calico-coated pirate father.*

    *(More fuel for fic writers: This prompt was inspired by a short passage in the book Seafaring Women, aka Women Sailors and Sailors' Women, aka Heroines and Harlots by eminent naval historian David Cordingly, who suggests that after Jack Rackham's trial and hanging Anne was sprung from prison by her wealthy father, returned to Charleston, and married a decent fellow named Joshua Burleigh. Cordingly further states that Anne gave birth to eight children by Burleigh, five of whom lived to adulthood. Anne also adopted a child named John, whom Calico Jack had got on her, and whom she left on Cuba after the birth; her father retrieved the boy and brought him back to Charleston. Anne died a respectable woman in 1782, aged around 84, just as the American Revolution was winding down.

    Maddeningly, Cordingly's sole source for this fascinating postscript is the private papers of family descendants, so other historians have to take him on faith or not at all.)

    Back to other prompts...

    En route to the Fountain of Youth, Jack gets into trouble with the Spanish colonial government.

    Jack, Liz, and Barbossa find the Fountain of Youth, but it's in the middle of a strange unearthly landscape full of danger.

    The new governor of Port Royal, an acquaintance of Weatherby's, arrives, eventually meets Elizabeth, and is rather surprised at her transformation.

    A Spanish treasure fleet goes down in a hurricane near Shipwreck Cove, and there's a mad scramble among all the pirates to salvage the cargo.

    Will is given a vision of what his life (and Jack's and Elizabeth's) would have been like, had he thought twice about helping Jack escape from his cell in Port Royal.
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