ainsoph15 (ainsoph15) wrote in potcfest,

*slinks in and deposits SHAMEFULLY late fic*

Um, yeah. I missed the deadline a bit. But I do have a rather long story which I hope will make up for that!

Title: The Matelotage of Heaven and Hell
Author: ainsoph15
Rating: Yep, it goes all the way up to NC17, folks!
Summary: Written for ceria_taliesin's prompt of Jack, Will, finding a grimoire, immortality. And that pretty much does sum it up.
Disclaimer: 'Pirates' belongs to Disney.
Warnings: Graphic m/m sex, occultism, speculative metaphysics, HUGE amounts of blasphemy, blatant abuse of Christopher Marlowe and pretty much every sci-fi and fantasy trope evahhh, and some anachronistic use of words for (hopefully) comedic and/or emotive purpose.

Thanks to x_pixel_x for an incredibly helpful and thorough beta - dude, you rock!
  The link goes to my journal. Each part has a link at the bottom.

The Matelotage of Heaven and Hell
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