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PotC Fest

New round starting! Submit your prompts here.

Pirates of the Caribbean Fest

New round starting! Submit your prompts here.

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pirate ot3!, elizabeth, pirates, norrington
It's time for a third round of PotC Fest!

Submit your prompts in comments here. Prompts should include a pairing or character and a scenario or specific request of some kind: "Will/Elizabeth, after the AWE epilogue" or "Weatherby Swann in his youth" or "James/Jack/Elizabeth, AU in which Elizabeth is married to James" or "Ragetti/Pintel, cross-dressing."

You don't have to be planning to write for the fest in order to submit a prompt. Prompts can be slash, het, or gen, and since no one will be assigned to your request, feel free to toss your ideas out there even if you're not sure who could possibly write that -- maybe someone will surprise you! We're going to start from scratch on prompts this time, rather than recycling old ones, so if there's something you want to see as a prompt, please suggest it here.

Submit prompts: August 1 through August 5
Prompts available for claiming: August 6
Stories can be posted: August 6 through September 5
Master list posted: September 6

There's no minimum (or maximum) word limit, and short pieces are fine. At the end of the fest, we'll make a master list of all the stories written. Detailed instructions for posting your story will be in the prompt claiming post.

Any questions? Ask in comments here or email penknife at penknifewrites @ aol.com or artaxastra at artaxastra @ aol.com. Otherwise, let the prompting begin!
  • Barbossabeth, after they found the Aqua de Vida

    Jack and Barbossa, chained together by opposite hands/ankles and escaping a prison, pre-mutiny or post-AWE

    Pintel and Ragetti, Barbossa's apples and Ragetti's eye

    Jack the Monkey, POV on being constantly shot at or shot out of a cannon, humor
  • Oops... forgot one.

    Davy Jones and Elizabeth Swann, a serious conversation about love and hearts.
  • Norrington/Anamaria - slavery, morality, and pirate society (Norrington coming to grips with living as an outlaw and Anamaria pushing his previous sense of ethics)
  • Barbossa - story of the red dress he gives Elizabeth in CotBP
    Norrington and whoever - evening after the events of CotBP
    Jack and Gibbs - backstory, how they met
    Pintel and Ragetti - future AU where they actually become "Kraken Slayers"
  • More...

    Jack didn't tell his crew how to find Isla De Muerta.

    Bootstrap didn't protest the mutiny. Within a short time, the Black Pearl crew break the curse. What happens next?

    How could Will become captain of the Black Pearl without mutiny?

    Commodore Norrington and his men have to deal with something supernatural, either before or after CotBP.

    William the third grows up with a large number of pirate "uncles", like Uncle Hector, Uncle Jack, Elizabeth's crew, Will's crew, and so on. What is that like for the poor kid?

    The Brethren Court needs a new way to designate successors, since the Pieces of Eight were destroyed. What?

    Jack and Barbossa argue about names- for anything. Ships, babies, dogs, cities, whatever. Bonus points is Will joins in. Probably post AWE, but might fit in the middle.

    The Fountain of Youth turns Jack into a baby. Barbossa has to take care of him.
  • -Sparrington: somehow (vision? time travel?`he has to be there in person,no story telling) James witnesses Jacks encounter with Beckett which left Jack with the brand.
    (pretty please?)

    -Sparrabeth: a very pregnant Elizabeth being chased by the Navy and rescued by Jack

  • Ok, one more:

    A story involving piracy and the Atlantic Slave Trade
  • While on shore leave in Tortuga, Jack is plagued with abduction attempts. Just who is trying to get ahold of him, and for what purpose (nefarious or otherwise)?
  • Parings

    Ravin would like to see, Jack/Pearl, doing a bit of pirating
  • Norrington backstory- whose example inspired his sense of duty and honor?
  • Crossover with Hamlet or Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead - Act 4 Scene 6, we learn Hamlet escapes treachery and death in England when his ship is attacked by pirates. (He'd already found and switched the letters.) They help him, he owes them a favor, and R&G go on.

    I can't write it but, oh, I wish someone would.

  • Will, Weatherby Swann - between CotBP and DMC
    James/Elizabeth - post-AWE
    Weatherby Swann/Elizabeth's mother - how did they meet? What was their marriage like?
    Elizabeth, Anamaria - motherhood
    James - life before the Navy
  • Jack/Elizabeth, in England
    Jack/Elizabeth, in which Jack brings Elizabeth an unexpected present
    Will/Elizabeth, erotic correspondence
    Will, learning to fence
    Elizabeth's mother -- just where does Elizabeth get her taste for adventure?
    Jack never thought he'd feel the same way again, but he finds that he's falling in love ... with a ship other than the Black Pearl.
  • James/whoever - opium
    Jack/James - an unwanted gift
    Beckett - keeping your friends close, and your enemies closer
    Elizabeth - finding someone to take over as Pirate King (how does she go about it? Does she even want/have to?)
  • I just joined this community and offer up my prompts.

    Calypso/Davy Jones-What happens after he falls off the ship in AWE
    Calypso-The sea goddess muses as to why she wasn't there that day
    Calypso/Davy Jones- how did their courtship begin
    Calypso-being bound by the Brethern Court and her sorrow afterwards
    Davy Jones-his sorrow for binding her

    Sorry for the lack of diversity in the prompts. In my eyes, there can never be enough Davy/Calypso.
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