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PotC Fest

New round starting! Submit your prompts here.

Pirates of the Caribbean Fest

New round starting! Submit your prompts here.

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pirate ot3!, elizabeth, pirates, norrington
It's time for a third round of PotC Fest!

Submit your prompts in comments here. Prompts should include a pairing or character and a scenario or specific request of some kind: "Will/Elizabeth, after the AWE epilogue" or "Weatherby Swann in his youth" or "James/Jack/Elizabeth, AU in which Elizabeth is married to James" or "Ragetti/Pintel, cross-dressing."

You don't have to be planning to write for the fest in order to submit a prompt. Prompts can be slash, het, or gen, and since no one will be assigned to your request, feel free to toss your ideas out there even if you're not sure who could possibly write that -- maybe someone will surprise you! We're going to start from scratch on prompts this time, rather than recycling old ones, so if there's something you want to see as a prompt, please suggest it here.

Submit prompts: August 1 through August 5
Prompts available for claiming: August 6
Stories can be posted: August 6 through September 5
Master list posted: September 6

There's no minimum (or maximum) word limit, and short pieces are fine. At the end of the fest, we'll make a master list of all the stories written. Detailed instructions for posting your story will be in the prompt claiming post.

Any questions? Ask in comments here or email penknife at penknifewrites @ aol.com or artaxastra at artaxastra @ aol.com. Otherwise, let the prompting begin!
  • More ideas...Let's call them fill in the blanks....

    Will - exactly what happened between when he left Elizabeth/Barbossa and crew prior to finding himself in the Singapore brothel, including the understanding between Will and Sao Feng.

    Jack/Davy Jones - The backstory regarding Davy raising the Pearl from the depths for Jack the first time around.

    Norrington - His journey to Tortuga after the hurricane or how he found his way back to Port Royal to deliver the heart to Beckett.

    Gilette/Groves - What happened to Gilette after CotBP? How did Groves reamin in Port Royal and end up in the service of Beckett?

  • What if Elisabeth had become Captain of the Dutchamn?
    • I'm sorry, you're too late to submit prompts for this round! The prompts are available for claiming here.
      • Well, darn, it would have been an interesting prompt. :-) I'll remember it for the next time around.
  • Governor Swann - His 'wild' younger years. XD Do it!

    Pintel wants to steal something from Capitaine Chevalle - he decides to dress Ragetti up in drag to distract him.

    Lord Beckett and the British King - What would they talk about? Would they get along, or not? Anything about them.
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