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Prompt claiming and posting instructions

You can now claim a prompt here for potcfest! The list of prompts submitted for the second round of the fest is behind the cut.

Please comment on this post to claim a prompt. Please claim only one prompt at a time; if you finish one story before the deadline, you can return and make another claim. Each prompt can initially only be claimed by one person; however, if you have already posted a story and are returning to claim another prompt, you can choose one that's already been claimed.

  1. Jack/Will in an Old West AU claimed by veronica_rich

  2. Jack/Will, hurt-comfort

  3. Jack/Will - in which Jack has amnesia

  4. A Turrow-story in which Will finds out something crucial about Jack's past claimed by danglingdingle

  5. Jack/Will/Elizabeth, Fountain of Youth

  6. Jack/Elizabeth, cross-dressing (by Jack)

  7. Sparrabeth with Dom!Elizabeth claimed by casper_san

  8. Sparrabeth: a very pregnant Elizabeth being chased by the Navy and rescued by Jack claimed by js_1245

  9. Jack/Elizabeth, in England claimed by geekmama

  10. Jack/Elizabeth, in which Jack brings Elizabeth an unexpected present

  11. Jack Sparrow/Elizabeth - Elizabeth has to rescue Jack from Mistress Cheng claimed by florencia7

  12. Jack/James, in which Jack brings James back from the dead for reasons of his own claimed by sharklady35

  13. Jack/James, a detective story. claimed by djarum99

  14. Jack/James post-AWE, with Ghost!James

  15. Jack/James - Jack is depressed and is comforted by James. claimed by captsparrow4evr

  16. Jack/James - Submissive Jack

  17. Sparrington: somehow (vision? time travel? he has to be there in person, no story telling) James witnesses Jack’s encounter with Beckett which left Jack with the brand.

  18. Jack/James - an unwanted gift claimed by penknife

  19. Jack/James/Elizabeth threesome post-CotBP

  20. Jack/AnaMaria, but more pirate adventure than smut

  21. Jack/Barbossa - How they met

  22. Jack/Gibbs - angsty, Gibbs helps Jack in some way

  23. Jack/Tia Dalma. Just what is their past together, anyway? claimed by ladyofthesilent

  24. Jack/Davy Jones - The backstory regarding Davy raising the Pearl from the depths for Jack the first time around. claimed by venusinchains

  25. Jack Sparrow/Jar of Dirt-What else Jack keep in his Jar of Dirt? HUMOR

  26. Jack's first marriage post-mutiny, pre-CotBP. What happened to the first Mrs. Captain Jack Sparrow?

  27. Jack/Pearl, doing a bit of pirating claimed by torn_eledhwen

  28. Jack/Pearl, Barbossa/Pearl - some kind of warped love triangle (or maybe even threesome???)

  29. Jack never thought he'd feel the same way again, but he finds that he's falling in love ... with a ship other than the Black Pearl. claimed by eyeonahorizon

  30. Will and Elizabeth run away from Port Royal less then a week before the events of CotBP would have taken place.

  31. Will/Elizabeth, married, visited by Jack (friendship, no J/E)

  32. Will/Elizabeth, erotic correspondence claimed by slobber_neck

  33. James/Elizabeth - post-AWE

  34. Anamaria/Elizabeth, paying tribute to the new King

  35. Elizabeth/Anamaria, ropes

  36. Barbossabeth, after they found the Aqua de Vida claimed by equilibrium44

  37. Norrington/Anamaria - slavery, morality, and pirate society (Norrington coming to grips with living as an outlaw and Anamaria pushing his previous sense of ethics) claimed by atraphoenix

  38. James/whoever - opium

  39. Calypso/Davy Jones-What happens after he falls off the ship in AWE

  40. Calypso/Davy Jones- how did their courtship begin

  41. Tia Dalma/Anamaria, lessons (witchcraft?)

  42. Gibbs/Giselle-Fatherhood. Post-AWE

  43. Gilette/AnaMaria - One night stand. Post AWE

  44. Cotton/AnaMaria - Marriage Post AWE

  45. Teague/Scarlett - Mystery surrouding Jack's disappearance. Pre-CotBP

  46. Weatherby Swann/Elizabeth's mother - how did they meet? What was their marriage like?

  47. Gilette/Groves - What happened to Gilette after CotBP? How did Groves remain in Port Royal and end up in the service of Beckett?

  48. Jack & Elizabeth - a non-Sparrabeth reason for them being peas in a pod and/or the curiosity scene

  49. Jack, Elizabeth - Jack catches Elizabeth's wrist before she manages to shackle him to the mast.

  50. Jack and Will try to steal James's hat. Hijinks ensue.

  51. Jack, Will sailing together, friendship or more

  52. Jack, in his dinghy post-AWE, has occasion to meet up again with the Flying Dutchman at sea (anytime after).

  53. An eldrich female (siren, faerie, sylph, whatever) is certain Jack belongs with her society. Jack is a lot less certain. claimed by lotus0kid

  54. Jack, Barbossa searching for the FOY

  55. Jack and Barbossa, chained together by opposite hands/ankles and escaping a prison, pre-mutiny or post-AWE

  56. Jack and Barbossa argue about names - for anything. Ships, babies, dogs, cities, whatever. Bonus points if Will joins in. Probably post AWE, but might fit in the middle. claimed by glinda4thegood

  57. The Fountain of Youth turns Jack into a baby. Barbossa has to take care of him. claimed by cersia5

  58. Jack and Sao Feng, first meeting

  59. Jack doing a speck of honest pirating claimed by ballincollig

  60. A really tragic bit of Jack-backstory

  61. What was the mark Jack left on Beckett? claimed by p0wdermonkey

  62. Jack and Gibbs - backstory, how they met

  63. Jack didn't tell his crew how to find Isla De Muerta.

  64. While on shore leave in Tortuga, Jack is plagued with abduction attempts. Just who is trying to get ahold of him, and for what purpose (nefarious or otherwise)?

  65. What if Will had won the dice game?

  66. A humorous story about young Will and his mother - taking place in real time (not a flashback).

  67. An alternate ending to AWE: Will didn't stop Davy Jones and Elizabeth falls victim to the sword instead.

  68. How could Will become captain of the Black Pearl without mutiny?

  69. Will, Weatherby Swann - between CotBP and DMC

  70. Will, learning to fence

  71. Will - exactly what happened between when he left Elizabeth/Barbossa and crew prior to finding himself in the Singapore brothel, including the understanding between Will and Sao Feng.

  72. Elizabeth, Mrs.Swann - Elizabeth's mother takes little Elizabeth on a short, secret trip to Tortuga...

  73. Calypso and Elizabeth, women's talk

  74. Teague, Elizabeth - Post AWE. A heated argument between the Keeper and the King.

  75. Davy Jones and Elizabeth Swann, a serious conversation about love and hearts.

  76. Elizabeth, Anamaria - motherhood

  77. Elizabeth's mother - just where does Elizabeth get her taste for adventure?

  78. Elizabeth - finding someone to take over as Pirate King (how does she go about it? Does she even want/have to?)

  79. James, Elizabeth - During DMC. A longer version of "I trust him, that's all" conversation.

  80. Norrington and whoever - evening after the events of CotBP

  81. Commodore Norrington and his men have to deal with something supernatural, either before or after CotBP.

  82. Norrington backstory- whose example inspired his sense of duty and honor?

  83. Norington & Beckett - Repayment. No Slash. Post-DMC Pre-AWE

  84. James - life before the Navy

  85. Norrington - His journey to Tortuga after the hurricane or how he found his way back to Port Royal to deliver the heart to Beckett.

  86. Barbossa, backstory for how he became a pirate lord claimed by immortal_jedi

  87. Barbossa backstory

  88. Barbossa - story of the red dress he gives Elizabeth in CotBP

  89. Barbossa/Jack the Undead Monkey-How Barbossa found the thieving monkey.

  90. How, when and where did Ragetti and Pintel meet? claimed by lolitalockhart

  91. Pintel and Ragetti, Barbossa's apples and Ragetti's eye

  92. Pintel and Ragetti - future AU where they actually become "Kraken Slayers"

  93. Ragetti & Governor Swann - Houseboy. No Slash. Pre-CotBP

  94. Pintel & Mullroy - Doomed friendship. No Slash. Pre-CotBP

  95. Calypso - The sea goddess muses as to why she wasn't there that day

  96. Calypso - being bound by the Brethren Court and her sorrow afterwards

  97. Davy Jones - his sorrow for binding Calypso

  98. Davy Jones, caught in a storm

  99. Murtogg and Mullroy's life of crime (or not?) post-AWE.

  100. A modern AU wherein Murtogg and Mullroy meet Abbot and Costello.

  101. How did Cotton teach his parrot to talk?

  102. A non-sexual adventure that happens to Gibbs, Scarlett, and Giselle after they wander away from the docks at the end of AWE - anytime after. claimed by mamazano

  103. Beckett - keeping your friends close, and your enemies closer

  104. Lian and Park, telling lies

  105. Anamaria, flying solo

  106. The shipwright who built the Black Pearl.

  107. Bootstrap didn't protest the mutiny. Within a short time, the Black Pearl crew break the curse. What happens next?

  108. William the third grows up with a large number of pirate "uncles", like Uncle Hector, Uncle Jack, Elizabeth's crew, Will's crew, and so on. What is that like for the poor kid?

  109. Jack the Monkey, POV on being constantly shot at or shot out of a cannon, humor

  110. The Brethren Court needs a new way to designate successors, since the Pieces of Eight were destroyed. What?

  111. A story involving piracy and the Atlantic Slave Trade

  112. Crossover with Hamlet or Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead - Act 4 Scene 6 , we learn Hamlet escapes treachery and death in England when his ship is attacked by pirates. (He'd already found and switched the letters.) They help him, he owes them a favor, and R&G go on.

When you're ready to post your story, please follow the directions behind the cut:

Post your story to this community. Stories may be posted as soon as they're finished; all stories are due September 5.

Please use the following template to post your story:

Warnings: (optional)
Author's notes: (optional)

You may use whatever rating system you want, but please clearly indicate if a story contains adult content. Warnings for rape/noncon are required; other warnings are optional, so please use your own judgment. Please include a disclaimer of some kind saying that you don't own the copyright to the PotC characters.

There's no minimum (or maximum) word limit, and short pieces are fine, but please only claim a prompt if you will post a story for that prompt by September 5.

Any questions? Ask in comments here or email penknife at penknife [at] or artaxastra at artaxastra [at] Otherwise, claim away!
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