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Fic: Watching the Detectives, C.1

Title: Watching The Detectives
Chapter: 1 of 2
Author: djarum99
Rating: R
Pairing: Jack/Norrington
Characters: Jack, Norrington, brief appearances by Governor Swann and the crew of the Pearl
Warnings: slash, snark
Disclaimer: The Mouse owns them, and has made a handsome profit; I own nothing, and profit not at all
A/N: Written in response to prompt #13, “Jack/James, a detective story.” I’m afraid I won’t post the second chapter until this weekend, since I just realized my error in thinking the posting date was in October. My apologies to you all, and to penknife - a very belated birthday nod to you, as I fear my other fic doesn’t quite fit the bill :-) The setting is post-COTBP and pre-hurricane; Norrington still has his commission but remains locked in the downward arc of his fall, and his pursuit of the Black Pearl. Jack, of course, has remained elusive. This is in part an homage to Agatha Christie, and to her wonderful characters, the dapper Mr. Satterthwaite and the mysterious Mr. Quin.

Watching The Detectives, C.1
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