Geek Mama (geekmama) wrote in potcfest,
Geek Mama

Prompt #9: 'Bath Holiday'

Title: Bath Holiday
Author: geekmama
Pairing/characters: Jack/Elizabeth, Anamaria, various OC's
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Disney's
Warnings: Angst and Fluff
Author's notes: For prompt #9: Jack/Elizabeth, in England, and set in my post-CotBP J/E universe. Many thanks to hereswith, my ever-patient beta reader. This first chapter, which can stand on its own, more or less, is in four parts -- just hit the 'next entry' arrow at the top, they are posted consecutively
Summary: Five years after CotBP, Jack and his Pearl have been working with Norrington and privateering for England, and Elizabeth and Will have been happily married. When Will dies of an inflammation of the lungs, Elizabeth is devastated, and Governor Swann, despairing, sends for Jack who, once again, saves her. Feeling that a change of scenery and a visit "home" will help assuage her grief, Jack takes Elizabeth on a voyage to England. They have become lovers, but the road is still new and not always smooth...

~ Bath Holiday ~
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