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Third Round Master List

Thanks to everyone who participated in this round of PotC Fest! The master list of stories is behind the cut. If you're still writing, feel free to post when you're finished -- I'll add stories to the list as they come in.

Master List

The Other Woman by eyeonahorizon (Jack/Pearl, PG)

Sea Turtles by mamazano (Gibbs, Scarlett & Giselle, AnaMaria, Jack, PG-13)

part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5
part 6

Bath Holiday by geekmama (Jack/Elizabeth, PG-13)

With Wings as Swift by captsparrow4evr (Jack/James, PG-13)

Love and Water by lotus0kid (Jack/OC, Jack/Pearl, PG-13)

Temptation by penknife (Jack/James, PG-13)

Watching the Detectives by djarum99 (Jack/James, R)

An Unwavering Promise by stealmybike (Barbossa, Pintel and Ragetti, PG-13)

part 1
part 2

Unexpected Prize by immortal_jedi (Barbossa, PG)

Flying free by torn_eledhwen (Jack/Pearl, PG)

Marked Men by p0wdermonkey (Jack/Beckett, NC-17)

part 1
part 2

An Unpaid Debt by equilibrium44 (Barbossa and Elizabeth)

Aviaries by florencia7 (Jack/Elizabeth, R)

part 1
part 2
part 3

Fleeing to Freedom by js_1245 (Jack/Elizabeth, PG-13)

Second Coming by sharklady35 (Jack and James, G)
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