Anne (ladyofthesilent) wrote in potcfest,

[FIC] - Rite de Passage (#23. Jack/Tia Dalma)

Author: me, Anne
Title: Rite de Passage
Pairing: Jack/Tia Dalma, with hints of Jack/Bill (only if you squint, though)
Words: 4500
Rating: Hard R
Warnings: BDSM
Beta: fried_flamingo  (Thank you so much! *hugs*)
Disclaimer: Not mine, no money.
A/N: Set shortly after Jack has received the brand from Beckett, might be considered AU (though not necessarily). Written for the potcfest prompt #23. Jack/Tia Dalma. Just what is their past together, anyway?
Many thanks to artaxastra , whose fic Intention inspired me to perceive Tia/Calypso as an African water spirit.

His fate couldn’t possibly be without meaning, nothing that happened on this day ever could, but his eyes were only darkness, and destiny a path he wouldn’t follow.

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