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PotC Fest

Claims post

Pirates of the Caribbean Fest

Claims post

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pirate ot3!, elizabeth, pirates, norrington
You can now claim a prompt here for potcfest! The list of prompts submitted for the fest is behind the cut.

Please comment on this post to claim a prompt. Please claim only one prompt at a time; if you finish one story before the deadline, you can return and make another claim. Each prompt can initially only be claimed by one person; however, if you have already posted a story and are returning to claim another prompt, you can choose one that's already been claimed.

There's no minimum (or maximum) word limit, and short pieces are fine, but please only claim a prompt if you will post a story for that prompt by October 5.

Prompt List

  1. Jack/Will, post-AWE, using Will's headband

  2. Jack/Will – post AWE – Jack visiting the Dutchman –collecting the key to the chest from Will

  3. Jack/Will hurt/comfort claimed by captain_molly

  4. Will/Jack, cumbersome and overload.

  5. Jack/Elizabeth – the chest is stolen (or lost) and they have to get it back

  6. Jack/Elizabeth, cross-dressing (by Jack, that is)

  7. Jack/Elizabeth - post-AWE AU (or not), Lizzie being knowingly adulterous, dirty talk.

  8. Jack/Elizabeth, earrings

  9. Jack/Elizabeth, California, a potato.

  10. Jack/Elizabeth, bathtub claimed by desiringpirates

  11. Jack/Elizabeth, haze and chance.

  12. Elizabeth/Jack, when they're stranded in CotBP (missing scene).

  13. Jack/Will/Elizabeth - on the Dutchman

  14. Jack/Elizabeth/Will – ten years and one week after the end of AWE, assuming Will is only captain for ten years

  15. Jack/Will/Elizabeth, post-AWE, Jack as go-between

  16. James/Jack/Elizabeth, AU in which Elizabeth is married to James

  17. Jack/Elizabeth/Barbossa, use the phrase “anytime, anyplace.” claimed by piratemistress

  18. Jack/Elizabeth/Barbossa, jealousy.

  19. Giselle/Jack/Scarlet - why Jack's glad he can make port whenever he wants, girl talk claimed by argyleheir

  20. Jack/Barbossa - ...improper use of words too long and too odd in hearing to be checked in the dictionary :P claimed by viva_gloria

  21. Jack/Norrington -- card games and sea shanties

  22. Post-DMC AU: Jack Sparrow is not stuck in the locker, he gets changed into a wer-octopus. Sparrington please!

  23. Jack/Tia Dalma, "a wayward wind" claimed by weather_eyes

  24. Jack/Calypso – Jack regaining the Black Pearl, with her help

  25. Tia Dalma/Jack -- "Don't tell me you didn't enjoy it at the time." claimed by heatherlayne_n

  26. Jack/Bootstrap, persuasion

  27. Speckett backstory & crossover with the Harry Potter world: Jack "Sparrow"-Teague-whatever and not-yet-Lord Cutler Beckett both studied the ways of magic at Hogwarts, but left or were kicked out, for whatever reason(s).

  28. Jack/Pearl, his first night aboard after he's rescued from the locker.

  29. Jack doing something NC-17-rated with an unlikely and embarrassing partner.

  30. Will/Elizabeth - ickle Will pwned by ickle Lizzie who actually finds pirates fascinating. While Will does not. claimed by nehi

  31. Will/Elizabeth (Jack too, if you want!), the 'bucket of seawater' loophole to the 'no setting foot on land for ten years' rule. claimed by djarum99

  32. Will/Elizabeth, Gov. Swann, AU. What if the dog with the keys had been present at the beginning of DMC, and the three of them escaped Port Royal together?

  33. Will/Elizabeth, exotic pets and snow.

  34. Will/Elizabeth, conjugal visits and pretense.

  35. Will/Elizabeth/Calypso claimed by slashfairy

  36. Will/Norrington -- called to serve under the new 'Dutchman' claimed by romanticalgirl

  37. Will/Norrington -- it all came to pass because Elizabeth agreed to cover up for her friends' relationship.

  38. Norrington/Will, palpitation and loss.

  39. Will/James - canon compliant, AU, ANYTHING! prompt: “sword”

  40. Will/Calypso, post-AWE claimed by faeritales

  41. Will/Anamaria, either on the Dutchmen or AU where Will is alive (and no longer with Elizabeth)

  42. Elizabeth/Barbossa - going to Singapore, getting to know each other, Elizabeth proves Hector that she's not the usual damsel in distress

  43. Elizabeth/Barbossa, unrequited.

  44. Barbossa/Elizabeth, after AWE

  45. Anamaria/Elizabeth, post-AWE claimed by versifico

  46. Elizabeth/Tia Dalma - during AWE

  47. Elizabeth/Calypso - whatever, it's just sexy :P claimed by captain_molly

  48. Elizabeth/Calypso, after AWE claimed by bwinter

  49. James/Elizabeth, AWE AU, James doesn't die.

  50. Norrington/Elizabeth, sublimation claimed by rexluscus

  51. Norrington/Elizabeth, halfway and springtime.

  52. Beckett/Norrington, post-DMC through AWE -- leverage

  53. James/Weatherby - any way you can make it happen

  54. Post-AWE AU James/Barbossa - any way you can make it happen

  55. James/Mercer - good son, bad son

  56. Norrington/Anamaria, pre-COTBP and then post-COTBP

  57. Norrington/Calypso, post AWE

  58. Norrington/Calypso, after he dies claimed by sixpences

  59. Norrington/Tia Dalma - a gift (supernatural or otherwise)

  60. Tia Dalma/Anamaria, discussing the qualms of a life at sea (you can read as much sex into that as you want)

  61. Barbossa/Calypso – there's no such thing as one true love claimed by atraphoenix

  62. Barbossa/Calypso -- how did he learn what she was?

  63. Barbossa/Tia, when he's in her hut after she's brought him back from the dead. Gen or pairing-centric.

  64. Gibbs/Estrella, beginnings

  65. Teague/Jack's mother - who was she? claimed by woolymonkey

  66. Teague/Jack's mother, birth claimed by p0wdermonkey

  67. Teague/anyone, either backstory or set at Shipwreck Cove

  68. Davy Jones/Bootstrap, post-DMC -- "What more can he do to me?"

  69. Jack and his post-AWE adventures claimed by sparrbecuecook

  70. Jack, bananas, rum, sand

  71. Jack, custard, Will, legumes, hats

  72. Jack, how he became a pirate lord

  73. Jack, Very Small Turner, things that will make Elizabeth shout when she finds out

  74. Jack playing hero to Elizabeth's son (from anyone's POV) claimed by geekmama

  75. Jack coming to the Green Shores to talk with Elizabeth about Will.

  76. Jack, Barbossa -- hats

  77. Jack and Beckett. What mark did Jack leave? Not slash.

  78. Jack and the Singapore twins, with pomegranates claimed by whatbigeyes

  79. Jack amongst the pirates of the Barbary Coast - bonus if you relate it to that Tripoli reference in DMC (maybe somebody's written this - I don't read much gen *g*)

  80. Jack meeting historical pirates (doesn't have to be shippy)

  81. Part-of-the-ship!Bill talks to part-of-the-ship!Jack (real or delusional, either one of them)

  82. Jack and Bootstrap, deception and disease.

  83. Jack, fever, Norrington

  84. Post-CoBP AU - Jack and James at the theatre

  85. Norrington haunting Jack (and annoying the hell out of him) -- slash or not, either way claimed by lilfluffykitten

  86. Jack reaches Fountain of Youth with Ghost!Norrington's help. Extra points for ghostly whoopie-making. ;D

  87. Norrington and Jack, view and demonstration.

  88. Teague and Jack discussing Elizabeth. claimed by glinda4thegood

  89. Jack's mum and Young Jack, Jack's first time aboard a ship.

  90. obscene pirate songs, Elizabeth

  91. Elizabeth - reading about Jack Sparrow claimed by sage_laurel

  92. Elizabeth before CotBP. How'd she become fascinated with Pirates?

  93. Elizabeth between Will's arrival on board ship and eight years later. What was she reading, to know about the Code and all? Who was her mom/ were her grandparents?

  94. Elizabeth - called into service as Pirate King claimed by stareyednight

  95. Elizabeth – where does she take the Empress first, once she leaves Shipwreck Cove

  96. Elizabeth, Very Small Turner, ships

  97. Elizabeth, losing an eye in battle, and the physical and emotional consequences

  98. Elizabeth, hands, red sky

  99. Elizabeth, post-AWE - no Jack, no major canon characters, just her life (though it can include some insight into what the Pirate King actually *does*)

  100. Elizabeth, Tai Huang, Post-AWE. How did Tai overcome his dislike of Elizabeth as his captain?

  101. Elizabeth meeting Chinese pirate women, historically based

  102. Gibbs and Norrington share a story aboard the Pearl, Elizabeth listens in claimed by desiringpirates

  103. Will and Bootstrap - what, besides pirating, is in Will's blood? claimed by torn_eledhwen

  104. Bootstrap Bill telling CotFD Will stories about Jack.

  105. Bootstrap, Will – memories of Will's mother

  106. Bootstrap when the Aztec gold curse breaks.

  107. Bootstrap alone in the Flying Dutchman's brig.

  108. Will dealing with being Captain of the Dutchman (getting to know his dad a plus) claimed by penknife

  109. Beckett, Will – Will does not ferry Beckett to the other side and leaves him driftless claimed by damalur

  110. Will, Very Small Turner, first meetings claimed by ceria_taliesin

  111. Post-AWE. Captain Will Turner training his own massive aquatic creature to assist him in his duties.

  112. Will, Post-AWE. Someone successfully uses a jar of dirt against him. claimed by lotus0kid

  113. CotBP AU: Will wins the fight in the smithy. He captures Jack and, hating pirates as he still does at that point, decides to punish him for threatening Elizabeth. Torture, possibly rape, R to NC17

  114. Will's thoughts during the three-way swordfight in DMC.

  115. A moment between Will and Barbossa while the Black Pearl heads to Isla de Muerta. Gen.

  116. Post AWE - as a gift or a favour to someone (himself, Elizabeth, Jack, James, someone wacky or obscure, whoever) Will gives James one more day.

  117. Mr. Midshipman Norrington: an adventure in which vile pirates are encountered.

  118. Norrington, through all three movies: letters home about life in the Caribbean.

  119. Norrington, pre-COTBP -- why did he join the Navy, his ambitions etc. claimed by rexluscus

  120. Norrington's career - how did he rise up so far so fast?

  121. Norrington, forty stripes claimed by commodore_lydia

  122. James and Weatherby's first meeting after James returns to Port Royal with the heart.

  123. James & Weatherby in the afterlife.

  124. James haunting Elizabeth. claimed by atraphoenix

  125. James lost in Shipwreck Cove (AU optional)

  126. James at his promotion ceremony (to Adrmiral or Commodore).

  127. Barbossa, large amounts of gold, willing wenches, improbable events

  128. Barbossa, shipwreck, mermaids.

  129. Barbossa, Ain True Love.

  130. Calypso, anything about the years she spent bound in human form

  131. Calypso's soliloquy (go about that however you choose)

  132. Calypso, Will Turner the Third (at any age), Post-AWE. Two half-immortals find comfort in each other.

  133. Teague's guitar

  134. Bootstrap and Teague meet, not necessarily post AWE.

  135. AU, Teague and Weatherby Swann claimed by the_dala

  136. Weatherby Swann in his youth

  137. Weatherby Swann, while in jail.

  138. Weatherby survives AWE, somehow.

  139. Weatherby Swann -- someone he left behind in England

  140. How did Beckett and Weatherby Swann first meet?

  141. Weatherby, Mrs. Swann, Bill, and Mrs. Turner wait around for the birth of wee Turner the 3

  142. Backstory for any other pirate lord claimed by minoriko

  143. Sao Feng - anything that fills out his backstory.

  144. backstory on any of the other Brethren, and/or their adventures with our heroes

  145. Pre-mutiny backstory, any of the Pearl crew,preferably including Ragetti and Pintel. claimed by manikaitwing

  146. Marty's backstory

  147. Anamaria, pre-COTBP

  148. Post-AWE Gibbs

  149. Gibbs, before the main events of COTBP. How did he get from the navy to Tortuga?

  150. Gibbs, CJS Spin Doctor

  151. The Black Pearl - give her a better backstory than the quasi-canon one on the POTC wiki

  152. Baby Turner and his pirate hat.

  153. Will Turner III and his piratey exploits, 20 years post-AWE claimed by artaxastra

  154. conversely, Will Turner III turns his back on piracy and goes respectable, 20 years post-AWE

  155. Beckett -- power, vanity, secrets

  156. Davy Jones, pre-squidface, back when he still ferried souls properly

  157. The chest with Davy Jones' heart also contained some letters. What might they be about?

  158. Davy Jones, perception and polygons.

  159. Jimmeylegs, under command of Davy Jones. How he perfects cleaving flesh from bone.

  160. Backstory for any of the Dutchman's crew

  161. The kraken's last moments

  162. Teague, Dog with the Keys, Norrington. Pre-CotBp. How a dog with a single mission goes from piracy to navy.

  163. That dog with the keys

  164. The POTC canon universe - we all know it's anachronistic, so figure out the alternate history that explains it all (heh, nobody's going to pick this)

  165. A modern day AU, located in a place where piracy activity is high these days; for instance Indonesia or the Philippines. Elizabeth and/or Will as a tourist, aidworker, embassy employee, oildrilling engineer or whatever get(s) kidnapped by Sparrow's or Barbossa's modern day counterpart. Extra kudos for Murtogg&Mullroy either as local policemen, private detectives, or the worst Interpol employees ever.

  166. The Dauntless finding Jack and Elizabeth on the Rumrunners' Island, from the POV of anyone on that ship.

  167. Sea-turtles.

  168. Cross-dressing and/or gender confusion. claimed by st_minority

  169. Headscarves

  170. Beckett/Mercer/Norrington - vying for attention

  171. Will/Beckett - what else did they discuss over tea?

When you're ready to post your story, please follow the directions behind the cut:

You may post your story to the LJ potcfest community, to the IJ potcfest asylum, or both. All stories posted to either community will be linked in the master list on both communities at the end of the fest.

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Any questions? Ask in comments here or email penknife at penknife @ gmail.com or artaxastra at artaxastra @ aol.com. Otherwise, claim away!
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