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Prompt #91: An Unwavering Promise

Title: An Unwavering Promise, Part I & II
Author: stealmybike
Pairing: Barbossa, Pintel and Ragetti
Rating: PG-13 for some gorey situations.
Summary: My response to Prompt #91: Pintel and Ragetti, Barbossa's apples and Ragetti's eye.
A/N: First potcfest post! Very excited! This fic has a combination of emotions in it. But I really loved exploring Barbossa's past, while still leaving a bit of mystery to him. Can't give it all away can I? Oh and writing another Pintel/Ragetti scene again was very fun, as always. :)
A/N 2: There'll be an appearance by an unexpected character in this

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Prompt #27: Flying free

Title: Flying free
Author: torn_eledhwen
Characters: Jack/Pearl
Rating: PG
Summary: Jack's got his ship back and all's right with the world.
Disclaimer: I do really wish they were mine, but like Jack I'm an honest pirate and am just borrowing without profit from the Mouse.
Author's notes: For prompt #27, “Jack/Pearl: doing a bit of pirating”. Set shortly after the end of CotBP.

( The sun was high and the wind was fair, and Jack Sparrow was in a fine mood. )
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Fic for prompt #61: What was the mark Jack left on Beckett?

Takes place in India, about 20 years before the movies.

Title: Marked Men 1/2
Author: p0wdermonkey
Pairing/characters: Jack/Beckett
Rating: NC-17 for sexual weirdness, medical stuff, Beckett, and philosophy.
Summary: Ridiculously long and detailed build up to the actual prompt.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Jack Sparrow, Cutler Beckett, or Hobbes’ Leviathan.
Warnings: Suggestions of dubious consent, offstage. Beckett, Hobbes. Though if you’re looking for Beckett/Hobbes noncon, you’ll be disappointed. Try Google.
Author's notes: are at the end, for those who make it that far.
Beta: viva_gloria

Marked Men: Part One

Marked Men: Part Two

An Unpaid Debt


Title: An Unpaid Debt
Author: equilibrium44
Pairing: Barbossa and Elizabeth
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Prompt #36 -  Elizabeth and Barbossa  after they have found the aqua de vida. Tongue in cheek please. 
Disclaimer: All characters owned by Disney


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pirate ot3!, elizabeth, pirates, norrington

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You don't have to be planning to write for the fest in order to submit a prompt. Prompts can be slash, het, or gen, and since no one will be assigned to your request, feel free to toss your ideas out there even if you're not sure who could possibly write that -- maybe someone will surprise you! We're going to start from scratch on prompts this time, rather than recycling old ones, so if there's something you want to see as a prompt, please suggest it here.

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